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New Profile Posts

  1. Tom Stargel
    Tom Stargel
    Volumn12 looking for 3 new members. We have a lvl 112 and lvl 52 leading us off. Come join us.
  2. Oralbdr
    Oralbdr QueenElsa
    How do you talk to your friends on evolution?
  3. DixieBooks
    Enjoying a snow day...in Alabama!
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  4. EvelynNeura
  5. Daddy Lips
    Daddy Lips
    Acting casual and assuming nothing.
  6. Tom Stargel
    Tom Stargel
    Volumn12 new clan. Very competitive. Group managed well. Come join us!
  7. SGJules78
    SGJules78 theworms
  8. Helen Towers
    Helen Towers
    Need red birds
  9. Yves
    Ils sont ou les oiseaux de niveau 4 et 5 étoiles dans notre couvoir Premium ?????
  10. James Sharp
  11. Lemur1993
    Recruiting for The Nest #10683. Looking for people to actively play clan events. We only have 2 members.
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  12. SGJules78
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  13. RemixFTW
  14. SilkyPine
    Members wanted join GOTLAND ROASTER we are only 7/25
  15. Agentjoseph
    couple spots available for clan (gloryland) always earning great clan rewards
  16. RemixFTW
    Returning to A.B.E
  17. Deja Dare
    Deja Dare
    By what... March 2018 mpc will return (supposedly) remastered. Was nothing wrong with it B4. Bring back the 20 waves
  18. Deja Dare
    Deja Dare
    Deleted old account 4 new beginning, mpc removed. Dont say money probs. Check out Ravio net worth
  19. Deja Dare
    Deja Dare
    Wtf Ravio... now they've taken away the mpc. WHY, WHY would U do this?
  20. Yves
    Pour l'éclosion des oeufs premiums, C'est du vent ont ne peut pas avoir des oiseaux 5 étoiles