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New Profile Posts

  1. Ryan Kisscool
    Ryan Kisscool BACON BUSTER
    Hi ! I finally find you. I wasn't on the right page.
  2. Lenaj76
    Need level 70+ active player for clan level 11 Search for clan - LL-COOL-CHICKS and send request
  3. Marsovac
    If any good daily player is looking for a clan...well..search for M@ST€RS..youre welcome ;)
  4. RemixFTW
    RemixFTW Skit
    Your icon looks identical to mine
    1. Skit
      Lol! I'm really excited to use him in the arena
      Feb 16, 2018 at 2:21 AM
  5. Skit
    Got the Angromedon, Now Dr. Probotnik doesn’t have to feel lonely anymore and they can bash some pigs together!!!
  6. Toddskur
    Toddskur Jaden Guardabascio
    Hey, if you're very active and big on events, we have a spot open in Quackin Ducks. We're a 40 member team that plays for fun with a big push on event and daily challenge points! Send me your username or come chat with us in our Discord here: https://discord.gg/X9g8yTH
  7. RemixFTW
    The Angromedon has been hatched by me!
  8. Lenaj76
    Looking for active players for Clan level 11 must be level 70+
    1. Lenaj76
      The clan is very active.. The only requirements for our clan is to be active and contribute when you can..
      Feb 8, 2018
  9. RemixFTW
    Just got the QB bird!
  10. Jj14
    Persian bird recruiting active players no arena expectations just play hard
  11. IDrinkV8
    I'm from down south where it's normal.
  12. Pig Hunter
    Pig Hunter
    What are the new clan levels? CL9 30 members, when do we get more member slots?
    1. Lenaj76
      I got nothing at level 10.. and I still have 30 members.. almost to 11 now.. Ive seen other level 11 and they have 35 members...
      Feb 6, 2018
  13. DixieBooks
    Gleefully beating up the little piggies.
  14. agentmike
    agentmike QueenElsa
    Hello QueenElsa,
    Is there a place on the forum for feature request?

    I would like to request a in-game marketplace where you can auction off your excess birds.
    Like i have a couple of the same 4-star birds and some other player would like to buy this 4-star birds for a couple of gems/gold.

    1. Kaefae and Annie14 like this.
    2. RemixFTW
      Sadly, Rovio will never add this.
      Jan 24, 2018
  15. Tom Stargel
    Tom Stargel
    Volumn12 looking for 3 new members. We have a lvl 112 and lvl 52 leading us off. Come join us.
  16. Oralbdr
    Oralbdr QueenElsa
    How do you talk to your friends on evolution?
  17. DixieBooks
    Enjoying a snow day...in Alabama!
    1. Xternl likes this.
  18. Daddy Lips
    Daddy Lips
    Acting casual and assuming nothing.
  19. Tom Stargel
    Tom Stargel
    Volumn12 new clan. Very competitive. Group managed well. Come join us!
  20. SGJules78
    SGJules78 theworms