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Insurgence [(LVL 15) NEED 4 players]

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by iTRIP, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. iTRIP

    iTRIP Hatchling

    Hey, you. Yes, you.
    Are you looking for a clan?
    Well, it must be your lucky day then! :D

    Our clan《INSURGENCE》is looking for new members. (7)

    1. Must be an active player (must play everyday & participate in every event).
    2. Must be level 35 or higher.
    3. Must activate the clan egg perk (250 gems) every 34 days. (we have a schedule that every member must follow). Since we are max 35 members that's why it takes 34 days to be your turn again to activate the clan egg perk.
    4. Donate as much as you can. (We're not asking for a specific number, just don't be too cheap. xD)
    5. You must download the app ‹‹Line›› and join our group chat, so that we can communicate better and share ideas & experience together. (→Click here to go to the app's page on the AppStore.←). Once you download the app, just add me (username: iTRIP) and send me a message, and I will invite you to our group. :]

    Are you able to satisfy those requirements? Are you interested in joining our clan? Well, all you have to do is look up our clan “INSURGENCE” and send a request to join and we will accept you as soon as possible. :]
  2. iTRIP

    iTRIP Hatchling

    In case anyone is wondering this our progress in the current christmas time event.

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  3. iTRIP

    iTRIP Hatchling

  4. iTRIP

    iTRIP Hatchling

  5. iTRIP

    iTRIP Hatchling

    We just hit level 15 recently and have 4 free spots for anyone interested. Message me here or apply in game or on LINE chat @ iTRIP
  6. jp1269

    jp1269 Hatchling

    Bump for a great clan

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