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Looking for enthusiastic new members!

Discussion in 'Clan Recruitment' started by Mighty Wings, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Mighty Wings

    Mighty Wings Tiny Birdy

    Our clan „Coo coos Clan“ is looking for two new members with at least level 40. We are right now rank #3485, which is not that bad. Usually it‘s around #2000, but we‘ve lost one important member.
    Most important is the will to be as active as possible and to donate some times. And - of course - to have fun!
    So join our flock, we are looking forward welcoming you!

    P.S: Much more important than your level is the will and fun to play constantly and to have effect in the success of our clan. So if your level is below 40, but you are interested, just reply, so we‘ll find a way. ;-)
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  2. Jessica K

    Jessica K Hatchling

    I am currently looking for a new clan! My current one lacks communication and does not contribute. Is there still an available opening? I am level 43 soon to be 44 and am extremely active.
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  3. Mighty Wings

    Mighty Wings Tiny Birdy


    I'm so sorry that we are full again. I desperately search for active members like you, so maybe we should keep in touch. If a member is leaving our clan soon our will be dropped out because of inactivity, I'd love to have you in.
  4. Mighty Wings

    Mighty Wings Tiny Birdy

    Hi Jessica, are you still interested in our clan?
  5. Mighty Wings

    Mighty Wings Tiny Birdy

    Hi Jessica K., are you still interested in our clan?
  6. KamikazeMimosa

    KamikazeMimosa Hatchling

    Id like to join your clan if it is still open. Name: kamikaze Level: 45 Team Power: 11K. Im looking for an active clan to help conquer the world!! lol
  7. JBeeZEE

    JBeeZEE Hatchling

    Hit me up Jessica. My name is JBeeZEE. My clan is birdsmakinbacon. Send me a clan request

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