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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by WingmanJuan, May 23, 2017.

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  1. WingmanJuan

    WingmanJuan Developer Staff Member

    Welcome to the official forums of Angry Birds Evolution!

    This forum is intended to provide a friendly environment where players can come together to discuss Angry Birds Evolution (ABE) with other like minded individuals. To ensure that the conversation goes as smoothly as possible, please take into consideration the following guidelines.

    Angry Birds Evolution is available worldwide and that means that forum members speak tons of different languages, but as we're here to share experiences and info with fellow flockers, we have to choose a lingua franca so anyone can join the conversation and everyone understands (including us). For these reasons, please only post and reply in English.

    There is a good chance your question has been asked and your concern has been answered already. Before creating a new post, take a moment to search the forums for your topic. Opening multiple threads spreads relevant info all over the place, making it more difficult for future users to find it, and for current users to keep track of the conversation.

    First, this is an Angry Birds Evolution forum so all posts should be about the game in some way. Easy.
    Second, keep each thread nice and neat by replying with only information relevant to the discussion at hand. Create a new post if you’ve got something else to say, or another question entirely ––just search for existing posts first ;)
    Third, topics are your friend. Choose the most relevant topic when creating a new post.

    We do not tolerate personal attacks on other users or blatantly disrespectful behavior. It’s that simple. Examples of blatantly disrespectful behavior: explicit language, sexual content, gore, violence, etc. There are all kinds of people using these forums of different ages, different backgrounds, and from all walks of life. Please keep that in mind.

    Needless to say, discussing the abuse or exploitation of service platform, payment, or similar systems is strictly prohibited and can result in a permanent ban (in the forum, and in the game). This applies also to running the game in any unauthorized platform and other illegal activities.

    That’s it. Four guidelines to keep everyone happy, and everything where it’s supposed to be. What could go wrong?

    –Rovio Community Team
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2017
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  2. aux80

    aux80 Super Cool Bird

    I like this forum. It seems to have lots of cool features, especially the ability to attach screenshots from the game. I hope this means Rovio has big plans for Evolution! I intend to keep playing for as long as I can.
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